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Keble MCR... for prospective buyers

With its prospect overlooking the delightfully kept Pusey Quad, Keble MCR has much to offer prospective postgraduates. The spacious 3 room suite comes fully furnished, with each room reflecting its function and a unique personality. The central Reading room still boasts its original Victorian wood panelling, a wood burning fireplace and a beautiful bay window. The room has been furnished tastefully in early 20th century style, with large leather sofas, armchairs and solid wooden coffee tables. For your convenience, newspapers are delivered on a daily basis to the Reading room as well as a range of weekly periodicals.

The flanking rooms provide context to the post graduate life. The Living room / kitchen (with ensuite toilet) has recently seen the installation of a 52” flatscreen HD TV with 5.1 dolby surround sound speakers. Modular, moveable sofa chairs allow this room to adapt to its various roles which include movie nights, a weekly free brunch and a bar area that is used for bops. The semi-fitted kitchen comes equipped with a microwave, dishwasher, kettle, toaster and brand new Senseo coffee maker. Tea and coffee are even complimentary.

Finally, the Games room boasts two additional TVs connected to four games consoles including a Nintendo Wii. In addition, it houses two networked computers, a full sized pool table, a table football table and a small MCR lending library. The games room also accommodates the Arts and Sports cupboard, personal lockers and importantly the Cellar from which you can replenish yourself with a large range of snacks and drinks.

MCR committees past and present have worked hard to furnish Keble MCR with anything that could bring even flighting entertainment value to a post graduate’s life, and have tried to establish the MCR as the central meeting place in college. Ultimately, an MCR is only as much as its members and the most important emphasis is placed on you, the student, who hopefully become more a part of the MCR as its furniture and all its ‘original feature fireplaces’!