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Activities of the Keble College MCR

Arts & Culture

The MCR is proud to be able to expand your mind and your talents. Over the last year (2009) we have worked hard to build up an arts & crafts cupboard, and whilst these can be used whenever creativity strikes, we also hold a regular arts masterclass after brunch every Saturday at noon.

We showcase these masterpieces at one of the bi-termly President's Port evenings. At such events we also encourage you artistic/musical lot to entertain us with a short recital.

Graduate Discussion

On an academic note, we encourage you to present your current work in progress, or completed work, at one of our termly graduate discussion evening. There are either held in the Warden's Lodgings or the MCR reading room. An intermission spread is laid on and speakers are often treated to high table with the fellows.

Brunch and Tea & Cakes

To maintain sociability and general sanity the MCR lays on brunch and tea & cakes every weekend. Saturday brunch is spread out in the MCR TV room at 11am. Its a wonderful opportunity to relax from the week's work, catch up with friends and plan the weekend's activities.

Commiserate the shortness of the weekend with tea & cakes in the MCR's reading room at 4pm on Sundays. Mentally prepare for the week ahead and enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of cake, as you peruse the Sunday newspapers.

Best of all, these events are free and require nothing more from you than your presence.

Black-Tie Dinner

The MCR holds one black-tie evening a term. The evening typically starts with pre-dinner drinks in the MCR followed by a delicious three course meal with coffee in Keble's beautiful hall. As the guests relax, it's back to the MCR or college bar for post dinner drinks and the night concludes in one of Oxford's finest clubbing establishments. These dinners are subsidized by the MCR and whilst guests from outside the college are welcome, numbers are limited. For MCR members, these dinners cost between £20-25.

The final black-tie of the year, in Trinity Term is preceded by the annual MCR photo. All are welcome and encouraged to show their face and be forever immortalized on the walls of the MCR.

Movie Night

Most Sunday nights, a movie is screened in the MCR. Suggestions are welcome, nay, encouraged and genres range from the cultured to the ridiculous. Its a fantastic way to end the weekend with friends.

President's Port

Bi-termly, the president, or most senior member of the committee opens their secret stash of port (we head down to Sainsbury's and acquire the necessaries). Come along for the port, the cheese and crackers, the fresh fruit and a general bit of Oxford indulgence. There is often a guest of the college invited to meet and mingle, and the masterpieces from art class are exhibited and appreciated. It's really very much like a gallery opening.


The MCR is fortunate enough to have a cellar. This plainly consists of a fridge in the MCR games room which is regularly stocked with beer, fizzy drinks, chocolate and crisps. The system works by selecting what you fancy, signing your name and Bod-card number, and consuming. You are charged on your college Battels account; stealing is strongly discouraged, obviously.

Bops & Socials

Once in a while the MCR will hid away all its fancy furniture in preparation for a bop. Bops are the Oxford term for a party, and are usually associated with a particular dress up theme. Previously the themes have ranged from "Anything But Clothes" to "Latin Salsa Bop" to "Beach Party". More often than not we join forces with another society within the University in order to spice up the atmosphere. You can expect a range of drinks, a multitude of interesting characters as well as dancing until the small hours.

Since bops come along every once and a while, the MCR's day-to-day, week-to-week mission is to keep you warm and well fed. We have the weekend covered with Brunch and Tea & Cakes, but during the 5 day stretch in between we aim to host at least one other event, usually involving food and/or drink. We have celebrated cocktail evenings as well as fast-food nights, where you can partake in the delights of Indian, Chinese and Italian take-aways. Some brave members of the MCR have even used their culinary skills to tickle your taste buds with culturally or nationally themed food nights. France, Germany, Greece, China, Japan, Northern England and Sweden have all been previously featured.

High table and SCR Lunch

Every Wednesday of term 4 members of the MCR are allowed to dine with the fellows on High table. Places are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. The women's welfare officer will send out an email at the beginning of term asking if you would like a place (either just yourself or with a few MCR friends), a range of dates that you can make, any specific dietary requirements (ie vegetarian) and whether you would like a glass of wine with your meal.

Smart wear is very much encouraged, suit for boys, skirts and dresses for girls. The evening begins at 7pm at the SCR where you are offered a drink and introduced to the senior tutor for graduates and the other fellows. At 7.15 you are led to the Hall and enjoy a delightful 3 course meal. The evening concludes with coffee back in the SCR. The meal is just over £4 and if you opt for wine it will add approximately £3.50 to your Battels.

Out of term (excluding weeks 9, -1 & 0) 4 members of the MCR are allowed to join the fellows at lunch in the SCR. You can use the regular online meal booking system to sign yourself up. Lunch is typically served from 12:30 onwards and is 3 courses followed by a moments repose in the SCR. SCR lunch is free of charge.

It should be pointed out that these privileges are subject to the MCR not taking them for granted. It is strongly encouraged that if you sign up for a particular date that you attend that date, or either find a replacement at least a week prior to the date and inform Penny Batemann or the women's welfare officer as soon as you know you can't make it. Your college advisers are always invited to high table as soon as you have requested a particular date and they tend not to like it if you stand them up at the last minute. In addition, the chef orders the food and needs time to makes special arrangements of people with specific dietary requirements. It is very difficult to change this at the last minute.