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Grants of the Keble College MCR

Keble offers various scholarships and grants for which information is available on the Keble graduate scholarship webpage. In addition to the grants that are awarded by the college itself, students at Keble can also draw upon a large range of superbly funded grants that are provided by the Keble Association.

The Keble Association is a charitable association of alumni of Keble College. It provides financial support to current Keble students in four main areas:

  • Student Support Grants - for students in unforeseen financial hardship

  • Travel Grants - for students whose study requires travel or who wish to travel for humanitarian purposes

  • Study Grants - for research related costs

  • Arts Grants - for personal or group activities

The Student Support Grants can be applied for at any time, and there is a termly application process for Travel Grants, Study Grants, and Arts Grants. Keble's graduate students have been notably successful in applying for grants from the Keble Association, and the Association is keen to encourage further applications. For more information see the Keble Association website.