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Sports at Keble College

Stay active, get involved, and meet new people!

Being one of the largest combined undergraduate and postgraduate colleges in the University, Keble is the best college in the University for getting involved in sport. The college has teams competing in all the main sports, and MCR members participate in almost all of them. It’s a great way to get to know new people and try sports you have never even considered playing before.


Keble MCR boasts its own successful football team to compliment the two JCR teams. Coming off a promotion and a strong cuppers showing that saw the team lose a nail-biter in the semi-finals, Keble is a force to reckon with - not just in Oxford's graduate football community, but also in College, as the JCR 1st can attest to after losing to the MCR.

Matches are usually on a Saturday morning and are a very fun affair, as they definitely hit the right spot between competitive and relaxed. They're often followed by team visits to the vaunted MCR's own brunch. There's also regular training.

The standard is for anyone, as we'll add a casual 2nds team in 2016-17. Whether you have no experience at all or played club football for a decade, come along and we will get you sorted.

Keble also has a very successful women's team made up of grads and undergrads. They will officially enter the league for the first time in 2016-17.

The MCR captain for the 2016-2017 season is Chris Nitschke. For more information about the woman's team, contact the captains: Libby Rose-Innes and Kate Dickinson.


Keble rugby club has been the dominant force in college rugby for many years, rarely failing to win some silverware. Last season the team won the inter-college league and narrowly lost the Cuppers final. There are always at least 5 or 6 players from the MCR in the team and plenty of glory to be had. For those who have not played before but wish to try there is the option of training with the 2nd XV who play on a Thursday afternoon and this has been the launching pad for many budding players. The captain of the 1st XV is Paul Childs.


Walking through Keble's red brick entranceway on a sunny spring or summer afternoon, one is very likely to see students engaged in a friendly croquet match, accompanied by a glasses of Pimm's or cider. Indeed, croquet is an important part of Keble life as students cherish this sole opportunity to tread on Liddon Quad's meticulously well-kept grass for either friendly or competitive matches. The college has a strong presence in Croquet Cuppers — hosting 36 teams in 2013 — with an MCR side winning the Cuppers crown in 2012. Whether for competition or to merely relax with friends on a sunny afternoon, the MCR encourages its members to join in Keble's exciting croquet tradition.

Keble MCR croquet is conducted using Croquet Sets from Big Game Hunters

Big Game Hunters has been selling garden games and croquet sets for many years and has a full range of croquet sets, croquet accessories and equipment for all ages, abilities and situations. Starting with the small children's and family sets perfect for families who want to have a games of croquet for fun all the way up to the highest quality Hurlingham set including tournament size and weight balls and Ash wood mallet with a brass banded rose wood head. The site also provides a full range of accessories, from standard balls, to tournament approved balls, clips and even spare hoops. Needless to say if you are looking for sets or accessories Big Game Hunter's are likely to have what you are looking for.


Have you ever wondered whose names are chalked on Keble walls or what all these chats about blades (Rowing Trophy), squaring, timing and erging are about?

Undoubtedly, rowing is the most popular sport in Oxford with two huge intercollegiate competitions in Hilary and Trinity Term (Torpids and Summer Eights respectively). Keble Boat Club is one of the best equipped boat clubs in Oxford and it's one of the most inclusive Keble sports clubs having a large number of members from JCR and MCR and with captains from both common rooms, we guarantee you a good balance between you studies and some decent workouts.

Besides that, the upcoming year is going to be one of the most important years for Keble Boat Club and Keble sports in general. Our first Men's boat has reached the top of all boats (3rd position) in Summer eights and aims to become Head of the River (Last time this was achieved was back in 1977). And with our women's first boat in its highest ever position at 6th on the river, you'll become part of a motivated and tight-knit squad committed to the journey towards our first double headship! So you'll have the opportunity to join in a big year; joining KCBC could mean you'll be part of making Keble history!

Whether you are already an experienced rower or you've never been on the water before, whether you just want to get a little bit of exercise and gain fitness or aiming for blades and glory in competitive rowing: everyone is very welcome!

An amazing team of coaches will help you to improve sooner than you think and the spirit and social life of our crew will make this an unforgettable time for you!

See you on the river!

Sven Jaeschke (Men's Captain)

Melissa Hinkley (Women's Captain)

You can find out more about the boat club on the boat club's Facebook page


Keble MCR cricket team is illustrious. Come the summer months those who are brave enough take to the field and bask in glory. In reality this is a lot of fun. We have guys playing who have played for clubs and we have guys who have never held a bat before. It’s an opportunity to learn how to play, bask in the sun and occasionally have a few drinks while doing it. Keble is distinct in being the only College to boast more than two teams. The MCR captain for the 2016 season is Paul Mabey. In recent months several MCR members have featured on the JCR 1st XI, the captain of which is Henry Farr.

Raquet Sports

Keble is lucky enough to have its own squash court just around the corner from the main site. You can become a member for just £10 and book a time at the lodge. For tennis players, the college has two brand new hard courts and one grass court at Keble Sports Ground, which can be used free of charge whenever you want. Again, pick the keys up from the lodge. The women's tennis captain is Kathleen Elysee.

Keble also has a badminton team who team play every Thursday during term-time at 9pm in Magdalen College School. All abilities are welcome to come along and play. There are spare rackets available for those without. The team competes in both the university league and the Cuppers tournament. The captains are Jamie Saw and Khushboo Borah.


Keble hockey team has been a bit of a revelation the last few years, rocketing from the bottom division to the first division and competing in all competitions. The effort finally brought reward this year when the team won the mixed Cuppers competition. The team has always been made up of both boys and girls, with at least one or two MCR members taking part each week. Contact the captain: Lizzie Costello.


Similar to hockey, this one tends to be mostly undergrads but don’t be put off. The standard is good; last year the team won Cuppers. The captain is Louisa Butcher.


Keble has a college basketball team who compete in the college league and in cuppers.


Keble has a fantastic Dancesport team, with weekly lessons on site. Dances range for the cha cha cha and jive to the waltz. The team has a large number of beginners every year, with members from the JCR, MCR and SCR. In the last three years, the team has taken three consecutive Cuppers wins. If you’re interested, the person to contact is Scott Rata.

Keble Gym

Keble has its own gym which you can join for £40 a year. The gym includes two rowing machines, a treadmill, a cross trainer, three cycling machines, two weights benches, a weights rack with dumbbells from 2.5kg to 42.5kg, a squat frame, a bench press, an ercolina cable machine, Olympic bars and weights, a punch man, a matted floor area, a back extension frame and a sound system (plus other bits and pieces). The Gym president until 2016 is Elliott Rogers.


‘Skible’ is the college’s very own Ski trip. It’s always great fun, with the focus on skiing rather than après-ski. There are usually around 50 people, with a mix of grads and undergrads, every year. The trip is a week in early December and priced to compete with Varsity. For those looking for more a party atmosphere, the Varsity Ski trip is the first week of December and always has a strong Keble presence. It also offers the chance for serious skiers to put their skills to the test. Last year Keble won the inter-college skiing competition.

For more information about Skible contact El Jaskowska.

University Sport

If you want to give a sport a go at a bit of a higher standard, the University teams are always looking for new recruits. Keble always has many representatives in University teams, with over 20 students being awarded Blues or Half-Blues last year alone. Most of the big clubs have their own website, and the rest can be found at Fresher’s fair. For more information contact the MCR sport’s officer, Paul Mabey.