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Committee of the MCR

The MCR committee has fifteen positions in total. The positions of:

make up the executive officers.

The rest of the committee is comprised of the following members:


The President is the main representative of the MCR. They represent members of the MCR in college committee meetings including the Governing Body and the Finance committee meetings as well as the common room in external affairs, including the meeting of the Proctors and Assessor's and the Keble association. As first contact person for college and external organizations, they have to communicate the interests of Keble graduate students. In addition, they are responsible for the supervision of the MCR committee's work, organizing and chairing the regular committee meetings. And last, but not least, they host President's Port twice every term, where senior members of college are regular guests.

The current President is Javier Pardo Diaz.


If one views the President as the leader of the MCR, then the Vice-President's role is a more managerial one. They are the second most senior executive officer of the committee, the recognized MCR authority on constitutional matters and the chairperson of the MCR General Meetings. The VP represents the MCR at a number of college committees: at the Governing Body (with the President), the Academic Committee (with the Secretary) and the Domestic Committee. It is the VP's responsibility to ensure that the provisions of the Constitution and Standing Orders are followed and all MCR officers complete their assigned duties.

The VP is the point of contact in the MCR Committee for domestic issues (accommodation and meals). One of their greatest tasks is to organize the MCR Housing Ballot in mid-January where room allocations for the next academic year are decided. The VP administers the termly Charity Levy. They may also be involved in the organization of social events. It is customary that the VP organizes the Graduate Discussion Evenings.

The current Vice-President is Carolin Schulte.


As the standing orders of the MCR state, the job of the treasurer is to "administer the financial affairs for the Common Room in accordance with the constitution ...". It involves taking care of the MCR accounts, monitoring incomes and expenditures, and preparing financial reports for the general meetings of the common room. The treasurer is also in charge of the newspaper, magazine and television subscriptions, which they review annually; the rental and handling of tickets for the MCR punt; and represents the MCR in finance committee meetings of the college.

The current Treasurer is Susy Rees.


The Secretary is primarily responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings of the MCR, as well as receiving motions for the bi-termly General Meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for official correspondence of the MCR and its notice boards, as well as the announcement and coordination of the Charity Levy. Being an executive member of the committee, the secretary’s duties are also to support and assist the committee in its decisions and endeavours.

The current Secretary is James Kohout.

Social Secretaries

The MCR social secretaries are in charge of coordinating the graduate social activities. Their main task is in encouraging other graduates to follow through on their ideas for events. There is also a substantial budget allocated each term, used to support such social events. Previously the MCR has had events such as foreign food and movie nights, parties, theatre trips, comedy nights, election night coverage and paint-ball trips. Any event organized will be subsidized for any MCR member who attends. Anyone with an idea of an event they would like to be involved with at a subsidized rate, should email the social secretaries.

The current Social Secretaries are Dominic Dootson and Gavin Fleming.

Environment Officer

The Environment Officer facilitates environmentally friendly practices within the MCR and College by promoting recycling schemes (a mixed recycling scheme is now fully operational within Keble). Cans, bottles, paper, card and cardboard and some plastics are collected for recycling by the college. The Environment officer also assists with efforts to adopt other energy-saving measures (such as reducing student electricity consumption) by talking with college staff, SCR and JCR members.

The current Environment Officer is Carolin Schulte.

Sports Officer

The role of the MCR sports officer is to make sure that people have access to any kind of sporting activities that they might wish to take part in while they are at Keble. This ranges from maintaining the pool table, table football table and games consoles in the games room to informing people about Keble gym and sporting events throughout the year. Oxford has sports teams for everything imaginable so it is quite often simply a case of getting in contact with the appropriate person.

The current Sports Officer is Nikos Athanasiou.

Male Welfare Officer

The male welfare officer's role is to make everyone's life a little bit more enjoyable. As such, he is available to chat with people when required, in particular at the welfare Tea & Cakes he supplies every Sunday. In addition, he should use the budget to fund occasional events for the MCR, which tend to have a "bonding" slant to them.

The current Male Welfare Officer is Joseph (Jiao-Yu) Wang.

Female Welfare Officer

The female welfare officer's role is the counterpart of the male welfare officer. She organizes welfare events including the weekly welfare brunch every Saturday and tea and cakes on Sunday. She is a contact person of all welfare matters and available for a chat with people, whenever required. She also represents the MCR in the Health and Safety or Student Support Committee of the College.

The current Female Welfare Officer is Beatrice Yeung.

IT Officer

The IT officer is primarily responsible for this website, the outward communication of the MCR, as well as the mailing-lists, the communication internal to the MCR. The IT officer also conducts the technical aspects of MCR elections. Keble college has a plethora of IT provisions and the IT officer liaises with college with regards these issues, such as use of the college network.

The current IT officer is Stefan Saftescu.

Exchange Dinner Organizer

Exchange dinners are well established events of the MCR social schedule. They give the possibility to dine in one of the other magnificent Oxford halls and to get to know people from other colleges. They consist of an away leg, where people are invited to formal hall by another MCR, and a home leg, where the previously hosting MCR is invited to dine with us in our college. The main task of the Exchange Dinner Organiser is to contact other colleges and to coordinate the home and away legs during term time.

The current Exchange Dinner Organizer is Ian McDole.

Black Tie Dinner Organizer

As the name states, the Black Tie Dinner Organizer is in charge of planning the termly MCR Black Tie Dinner in hall. This is the biggest event of the MCR social schedule with around 100 guests and therefore deserves having its own organizer. The job involves planning the pre-dinner drinks, the menu, the seating plan, and the after dinner events. In addition, in Trinity term it also involves to organization of the annual MCR photograph.

The current BlackTie Dinner Organizer is Ellen Pasternack.

Equality Officer

The role of the equality officer is to be a source of advice for those who require support in equality matters, to promote equal participation of members in all aspects of the MCR, and to discourage discrimination against any particular group. If you need any advice or support, please contact the equality officer and they'll be happy to help.

The current Equality Officer is Thomas Player.

Arts and Culture Officer

The Arts and Culture Officer is responsible for offering opportunities to the members of the MCR to get involved with arts related events, both inside and outside college. They organise events such as movie nights, theatre and gallery trips, art evenings, a book club, and more!

The current Arts and Culture Officer is Thomas Player.