Keble MCR social life

The vibrant community of graduate students are the beating heart to college life. All year round, through term and non-term time, the MCR organizes events that coalesce ideas, histories, cultures, traditions and interests to generate a well packed calendar.  

All events for the term will be advertised in a ‘Term Card’ prior to Week 1. However, the best way to keep track of these events is by following the Google Calendar (ICal) 

The Social Team is a coalition of two offices within the MCR Committee, namely, the Social Secretaries and the Arts & Culture Offices. The events are designed to be as inclusive as possible, catering to the broad interests of the college members. The idea is to ensure that there is something for everyone that is at the very least, interesting.

The team is always looking for unique ideas for events that will keep the community engaged and inspired. At present, the members of the Keble MCR can look forward to events ranging from weekly Game of Thrones screenings, a themed Big Open Party (BOP), cultural celebrations, musical theatre nights, Salsa dance nights, bi-weekly scholarly discussions and reading groups.  

If you would like to be a part of the organizing of these events, and contribute your time and abilities, feel free to get in touch with the team.

Keble MCR Social Team

Jeanne Inchauspé

Entertainment Officer

Jeanne is a second year DPhil student in computational biology focusing on cancer genomics. She previously studied in Canada and enjoys spending time outdoors discovering new places (when British weather allows), as well as yoga, rowing, dancing (for fun) and climbing. She also loves coffee and chocolate.  Please do not hesitate to go say hi to her and tell her what events you would like to see during your time at Keble! Chrishen and Jeanne can organise indoor and outdoor social events ranging from parties, wine and cheese, games/quizz/pizza nights, to picnics, day trips, site-seeing, trekking etc…

Chrishen Gomez 

Entertainment Officer

Chrishen is a second year DPhil student in Zoology, studying the elusive predators of Borneo, using genomics and other nifty tech! When not trekking jungles, Chrishen can be found in one of the many pubs of Oxford, grabbing a pint with a random new friend he found somewhere between Oxfordshire and London. Coming from Malaysia, Chrishen is excited to bring a sense of community and belonging to the Keble community that roughly encompasses friends from every corner of the globe. Walking through Oxford’s dreamy spires can feel daunting, but the “entz” team is determined to make you feel right at home.