Keble MCR social life

The vibrant community of graduate students are the beating heart to college life. All year round, through term and non-term time, the MCR organizes events that coalesce ideas, histories, cultures, traditions and interests to generate a well packed calendar.  

All events for the term will be advertised in a ‘Term Card’ prior to Week 1. However, the best way to keep track of these events is by following the Google Calendar (ICal) 

The Social Team is a coalition of two offices within the MCR Committee, namely, the Social Secretaries and the Arts & Culture Offices. The events are designed to be as inclusive as possible, catering to the broad interests of the college members. The idea is to ensure that there is something for everyone that is at the very least, interesting.

The team is always looking for unique ideas for events that will keep the community engaged and inspired. At present, the members of the Keble MCR can look forward to events ranging from weekly Game of Thrones screenings, a themed Big Open Party (BOP), cultural celebrations, musical theatre nights, Salsa dance nights, bi-weekly scholarly discussions and reading groups.  

If you would like to be a part of the organizing of these events, and contribute your time and abilities, feel free to get in touch with the team.

Keble MCR 2023 Freshers Calandar

Keble MCR MT23 Social Calandar

Keble MCR HT24 Social Calandar

Keble MCR Social Team

Christopher Kuhl and Amaury Genovese

Entertainment Officers

Christopher is a MPhil student in theology, and Amaury is a DPhil student in cardiovascular sciences.

Christopher is from the USA (Texas!) and he loves to Run and Row, and he often nerds out over finance if you let him. You’ll often see him active in the WhatsApp participating in Chapel events, MCR gatherings, and especially the weekly Park Run! As a huge HP fan, he’s always up for HP trivial pursuit on Games Night!

Amaury is a massive chess nerd and, strangely enough, also very social. He’s from France and therefore has an excessive cheese obsession. You can find him either doing the weekly Saturday parkruns against his will (thanks Christopher) or lost but happy in Atik.

We’re thrilled to be organising the BOPs, themed formal dinners, and other social events for Hilary and Trinity term 2024. You can find all of our planned events on the term card. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Keble Selwyn College 2024

On March 1st, 2024 Keble College buzzed with excitement as the MCR Selwyn Exchange Officer welcomed 35 students from Selwyn College, Cambridge. Keble’s Warden welcomed Selwyn students at the pre-dinner welcome event; right after, the students were off on a tour of the city and Keble College. The day ended with a formal dinner held in Keble Hall and a post-dinner social.

Two weeks later, on March 15th, it was Selwyn’s turn to host. Keblers were greeted with a beautiful, sunny day and a warm welcome to their sister College. As the day went on, Keblers toured the city and the College and then the 35 Keblers made their way to the formal dinner at Selwyn. The exchange ended with a bop, lots of memories, and new friendships.