Sports at Keble

There are lots of different opportunities to engage with sports at Oxford, regardless of your previous experience. Below is a list of some of the currently active sport groups at Keble that you can join as an MCR member. Here is a link to a calendar of sports activities. 

Captain: Tom Grills
Add Udai Dhamija on Facebook and ask him to add you to the messenger group. 

Lead by: Ed Shellard and Tadas Temčinas
WhatsApp group

Captain: Siji Sowonola
Co-captain: John MacGreevy 
WhatsApp group

Captain: Josh Ampormah
Add Udai Dhamija on Facebook and ask him to add you to the messenger group.

Ice skating and ice hockey
Captain: Shaan Baig
WhatsApp group

Captain: Udai Dhamija
WhatsApp group

Open Novice Captain:
Charles Golsby
Women’s Novice Captain: Niamh Walker.
More info will be coming soon. In the meantime, here is the boat club’s
instagram page.  

Captain: Yuxin Fu
WhatsApp group

Table Tennis
Co-captains: Udai Dhamija & Josh Aruliah
WhatsApp group

Captain: Udai Dhamija
WhatsApp group
dd Udai Dhamija on Facebook and ask him to add you to the messenger group. 

Martial Arts
Captain: Jennice Singh
WhatsApp group

WhatsApp group

Swimming + Water Polo
WhatsApp group

Walking Group
Lead by: Gordan Kumar
WhatsApp group

If you are organising sport at Keble and would like your group to be included in this list please contact Udai Dhamija.

Other sports at Oxford University

On top of the Keble clubs, you can also join any of the many, many other sport clubs at the university. This list currently includes over 70 sports from aikido to yachting. To find out more about university sports check out this website.

Booking pitches and courts at Keble

Pitches and courts need to be booked with Adrian Roche, the Garden and Grounds Manager. Keys for the Sports Ground can be picked up from Porters Lodge (main site).  

Keble MCR Sports Officer

Malin is a 2nd year MPhil student in Social Anthropology focusing on digital capitalism and citizenship. Amongst Keble sports involvement, she plays Basketball and Badminton for university teams and is keen to get the MCR engaged in sports this year. If she isn’t at Iffley Sports Center, you’ll find her in the QCR or the HBAC café. Whether you’re interested in playing casual football to hosting pool tournaments in the MCR to having Premier League watch parties (and many more ideas!), feel free to message her!